Cactus Avenue Interchange

This NDOT project began with an introductory stakeholder meeting in which a concept was agreed upon that would highlight the local cactus species.  During a second stakeholder meeting three variations of the “cactus” concept were presented.  Each concept included design for the bridge abutments and overpass, formline patterns for the retaining walls and sculptural elements.The first variation, Abstract Opuntia, took abstract forms of the Prickly Pear Cactus and Cholla to create patterns and textures.

Catus Ave. Concept 1The second variation, An Artistic Flare, was inspired by techniques from M. C. Escher and Andy Warhol.

Catus Ave. Concept 2

And the third variation, Character of Cacti, was a literal translation of the concept and the variation chosen by the stakeholder group to develop further.

Catus Ave. Concept 3

After refining the chosen concept, a public meeting was held to present the final design.

Cactus Ave. Landsaping Project

Project is currently under construction.

Anna’s Project Roles and Responsibilities

  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Design Development
  • Assisted with Graphic Presentations
  • Construction Documents to 95% completion


Work completed while employed at JW Zunino Landscape Architecture.