Hualapai Mountain Medical Center

Planting Plan for the Hualapai Mountain Medical Center

The landscape plan for the Hualapai Mountain Medical Center, located in Kingman, AZ, was designed with two main concepts; environmental sensitivity and cultural components. Water efficient desert adapted plants and indigenous species are used in arrangements that become sparser the further the plant grouping is away from the building entrances and active people places. This style of design creates a more lush appearance and cooler feeling areas in places people gather and circulate while being sensitive to water use and the hot desert summers. Patterns in the landscape are created using the colors and patterns inspired by traditional clothing of the Hualapai tribe that had historically inhabited the area.

Anna’s Project Roles and Responsibilities

  • Site analysis and research
  • Assisted with planting plan
  • Assisted with construction documents
Work completed while employed at JW Zunino Landscape Architecture.