Southwest Career and Technical Academy

Landscape area at SW Career and Technical Academy

The Southwest Career and Technical Academy located at 7050 W. Shelbourne Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89113 was completed in 2009.  The campus includes 8 building which house 11 programs, a football field, 4 tennis courts, 4 basketball courts and a baseball diamond.  In the center of the campus is a courtyard that is designed to create a natural park-like environment for students to take lunch or study.  The landscape was designed with native and adaptive plants to provide a beautiful site that is both low maintenance and low water use.

Anna’s Project Roles and Responsibilities

  • Landscape planting design
  • Assisted with landscape irrigation design
  • Assisted with sports field and sports court design
  • Assisted with courtyard hardscape and grading design

plantings near building CSWCTA-landscapemain walkway through campus

Work completed while employed at JW Zunino Landscape Architecture.